Funding for repairs or improvements

The Home Assistance Policy 2016 [PDF, 949Kb] Amendment to Home Assistance Policy Safe and Sound Assistance Grant  [PDF, 229Kb] identifies the forms of financial assistance and other assistance that are available from us, for disabled people to adapt their homes and for people to ensure they live in a home which is safe and free from hazards which can damage their health.

This Home Assistance Policy identifies the forms of financial and other assistance which is available from us to assist vulnerable homeowners.

We target those most in need due to age, vulnerability and those with certain health conditions.

A Disabled Facilities Grant helps pay for essential adaptations to your home to help you live more independently. The grant can only provide funding for adaptations where the works are necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of the disabled person and are reasonable and practicable taking into consideration the age and condition of the property.

Who can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

  • If you or someone that you live with is registered as disabled.
  • The person who applies for the grant does not have to be the disabled person but the adaptations must be for the disabled occupant.
  • Owner-occupiers and tenants (private and social sector) can apply as the grant is tenure neutral. However, you must sign to state that you intend that the dwelling will continue to be occupied by the disabled person for at least five years as their only or main residence.

What sort of adaptations can be paid for by the grant?

The grant is designed to carry out essential adaptations to enable a disabled occupant to live more independently. The most common adaptations funded by the Disabled Facilities Grant are:

  • Stair lifts to enable access to first floor rooms and facilities.
  • Widening doors and installing access ramps to help you get around your home and to make it easier for you to get in and out of your home.
  • Adapting heating or lighting controls to enable them to be used more easily.
  • Improving access to bathing facilities. This is generally removing your bath and installing a level access shower tray, complete with specialist floor covering and a thermostatically controlled shower. Lowering or changing the wash hand basin is also considered, to make it more accessible.

How is the grant calculated?

It is a legal requirement that all Disabled Facilities Grants for adults are means tested. This is done by assessing the income of the disabled person together with the income of their spouse or partner.

The information required includes:

  • evidence of all your income
  • statements for all bank, building society, Post Office or other accounts
  • all your assets
  • any benefits you receive

Subject to the information you provide we can carry out an initial preliminary means test to enable you to make an informed decision to either carry on with your enquiry or to consider funding the works privately.

Where additional financial help or advice is required, we will try to provide it. This helps us to ensure that those with the highest financial need are given the most help.

If you are in receipt of certain passported benefits you will not have to go through the means test process and you will not have to pay a contribution towards the cost of the adaptations.

If the adaptations are for a disabled child (under 19) and the parent/s are in receipt of child benefit, there is no means test.

The maximum Mandatory Disabled Facilities Grant is £30,000.

Is the grant repayable?

For owner-occupiers only, if the grant exceeds £5,000 there will be conditions attached stating that if the property is disposed of whether by sale, assignment, transfer or otherwise within a 10 year period then all monies over £5,000 up to a maximum of £10,000 will be repayable to North Lincolnshire Council.

In all cases, North Lincolnshire Council is not liable for any costs associated with ‘making good’ or repairing a property if adaptations are removed, nor will we cover the cost of removal. Landlords especially should consider this before providing consent.

For further information read our leaflet:  Disabled Facilities Grant – A guide to making an application Oct 18 [PDF, 925.1Kb].

How to progress your enquiry

If you are enquiring about adaptations for the elderly or an adult with disabilities, you must contact one of the following local teams within the Core Therapy Service:

  • Scunthorpe West Network Team (anything North of Queensway, including Frodingham Road and the Isle of Axholme) –  03033 306802
  • Scunthorpe South Network Team (anything South of Queensway, up to Messingham and everything in-between including Kirton Lindsey and Hibaldstow) – 03033 306804
  • East Network Team (Broughton to Killingholme and everything in-between) – 01724 298180

However, if you are enquiring about adaptations for a child with disabilities you should contact – 01724 296500 Option 2.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss your individual circumstances, please contact the Home Assistance Team on

We offer a loan with no monthly repayments to help people with the cost of works that affect their health or safety.  The Council looks to ensure that homes are safe, warm and weather-proof for those who are most vulnerable.

Am I eligible?

To qualify for a loan you must:

  • Be a homeowner and occupy the property throughout the loan period.
  • Be 60 or over or in receipt of one of the following benefits:
    • Income support
    • Working or Child Tax Credit (income less than £16,040)
    • Income-based Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
    • Employment Support Allowance (ESA) with a disability element
    • Have sufficient equity in the property.
    • Have a low income and/or unable to access a commercial loan.

How much loan will be given?

The minimum amount is £2,000 and the maximum loan amount is £10,000. There is a limited budget each year for this assistance and enquiries will be dealt with in date order.

Is the loan repayable?

The Home Appreciation Loan is not a grant.  It is an equity release loan but with no monthly payments to make.  You only have to repay the loan when you no longer own your home, for example if you sell it.

It allows you to carry out the necessary work to your home without having to make regular repayments like a normal loan would do.

When it comes to repaying your loan, the amount you’ll repay is based on how much your property has changed in value when you sell it, or no longer own it.

The Home Cheque Loan is a council-backed loan operated in partnership with the Northern Lincolnshire Credit Union which itself is part of Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union.

How much loan will be given?

The minimum loan is £500 and the maximum is usually £2,000.

Am I eligible?

Vulnerable home-owners (or tenants who have the responsibility to maintain their home) for example, if you are elderly, on low income or in poor health.

What is the loan for?

Minor works to remove hazards from the property, for example, replace a faulty boiler.

Is the loan repayable?

It is a repayment loan with a lower interest rate than with other lenders for a similar amount.

Northern Lincolnshire Credit Union will make an assessment of your financial situation and agree with you the loan term, usually between one and three years. You can pay weekly or monthly. You will be asked to join the Northern Lincolnshire Credit Union and the current one off cost of membership is £4.

The Northern Lincolnshire Credit Union is owned by its members and run only for their benefit.

About Northern Lincolnshire Credit Union

Northern Lincolnshire Credit Union is part of Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union and is an ethical provider of financial services and available for membership to anyone who lives or works in North Lincolnshire.

It is a member-owned co-operative community business specialising in offering safe saving and affordable lending accounts. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority – firm reference 213620.

Member of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Deposits can be made from wages or by standing order, and all benefit payments can be directly processed through the member accounts.

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Home Assistance Team:

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01724 297000

Occupational Therapy Services:

Scunthorpe West and the Isle of Axholme: 03033 306802

Scunthorpe South: 03033 306804 

East Network (Broughton to Killingholme)  01724 298180