Direct payment to your landlord

Find out if you can have your housing benefit paid direct to your landlord.

Housing benefit payments

We usually pay your housing benefit direct to you. The following gives a brief summary of the information we use to decide whether housing benefit can be paid direct to your landlord.

You must provide us with evidence of exceptional circumstances to show that you cannot pay your rent yourself.

We have given some examples of circumstances where we may consider paying your landlord direct. This is not a complete list. If you think that you will have problems paying your rent, please contact us immediately.

Our decision will be based on the evidence you provide. So the more evidence and information we have, the easier it will be for us to make a decision.

  • If your Landlord has made it a condition of your Tenancy, and
  • Where your rent is set at, or reduced to, the Local Housing Allowance rate for your household, or you can afford the rent (if it is higher than the Local Housing Allowance rate),

then we may be able to make payments direct to your landlord.



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