How your Council Tax and Business Rates are spent

This is part of the statutory billing information we must provide in accordance with Council Tax and non-domestic rating regulations.

Your Council Tax helps to fund our work in improving outcomes for the people of North Lincolnshire. Council Tax covers just under half the cost of providing services.

Business Rates, Government grants and service charges fund the rest.

We set the Council Tax once a year and bills are issued every March.

We want our area to be the #BestPlace for our residents.

We have three priorities to realise this ambition:

Why it is important

  • The safety and wellbeing of residents is our primary purpose
  • To achieve a better quality of life for residents
  • So people can live well for longer

Taking action – we will:

  • Continue to work hard to keep people safe
  • Lead partnership working across North Lincolnshire to promote wellbeing and improve health outcomes for everyone
  • Prioritise the most vulnerable
  • Provide cleaner and greener space for people to enjoy and use

Why it is important

  • To achieve communities that are better connected
  • Strong communities create neighbourhoods where people are proud to live, get on well together and support each other
  • So people experience improved wellbeing

Taking action – we will:

  • Design services that enable you to have more choice and control in how you interact with us
  • Enable our communities to become more involved in community life
  • Engage in new conversations about the things that matter most to you
  • Invest through our capital programme to improve community facilities

Why it is important

  • To achieve a more prosperous North Lincolnshire
  • To help us to invest further in communities
  • To create jobs and opportunities for everyone

Taking action – we will:

  • Market North Lincolnshire as a place to live, work, visit and invest
  • Lead partnership working with businesses
  • Invest in town centres including securing funding from government
  • Provide space for businesses and population to grow through new commercial and housing developments
  • Strive for higher education standards and skills
  • Host key events to celebrate the best of what North Lincolnshire has to offer

Success in the three main priority areas would not be possible without an effective and efficient core. Costs of running the business include investment in operational facilities and community infrastructure; professional services such as Finance and IT; and support for the democratic process.

The graphic below shows how your Council Tax contributes to delivering the outcomes we wants for local people. This includes services which are required by law, such as social care, and others which provide a real public benefit, like leisure. The analysis shows how much of a Band A Council Tax charge is spent in each area.

How we spend your Council Tax pictorial explanation

How we will spend our budget in 2019/20

Our revenue investment of £143.2m is for the cost of running services. It will deliver the priorities shown below (figures in £M).

Revenue investment 2019-20 pie chart

Our capital investment of £99.5m is for buildings and infrastructure. It will deliver the priorities shown below (all figures in £M).

Capital investment 2019-20 pie chart

The revenue budget provides for increases in our Cost Base to meet growing need and rising costs. It has offset these extra costs as far as possible by service redesign and demand management. This means it has been able to set a balanced budget with spending matched to the available funding.

Increases to the Cost Base 2019-20 pie chart
Cost reductions and efficiencies 2019-20 pie chart

Budget 2018/19 £137.7m
Inflation adjustment £7.0m
Other increases to the Cost Base £7.2m
Cost reductions and efficiencies -£8.7m
Budget 2019/20 £143.2m

The council approved a revenue investment budget by priority area, which can be seen below.

Budget Gross spending Income Budget
2018/19 Priority investment area 2019/20 2019/20 2019/20
£m £m £m £m
60.3 Keeping people safe and well 83.1 20.6 62.5
25.0 Enabling communities to flourish 46.6 21.6 25.0
8.9 Growing the economy 26.6 18.4 8.2
20.3 Running the business (organisation) 87.7 68.0 19.7
23.2 Running the business (technical) 27.8 4.8 23.1
0.0 Inflationary provisions 4.6 0.0 4.6
137.7 Total council budget 276.4 133.3 143.2

Your Council Tax helps to fund our work in improving outcomes for the people of North Lincolnshire. Council Tax provides just under half of the total cost of providing services. Business Rates, Government grants and service charges are also used to fund the work of the council.

2018/19 (£m) Funding 2019/20 (£m)
5.5 Use of reserves 1.3
Settlement funding
0.0 Revenue Support Grant 6.1
42.3 NNDR baseline funding 32.6
42.3 Total settlement funding 38.7
Other general funding
64.4 Council Tax: 2.9% (19/20), 2.99% (from 20/21) 67.5
5.1 Social Care Precept 5.2
0.4 Collection Fund surplus/deficit 0.7
-9.7 Collection Fund surplus/deficit 2.0
13.4 NNDR rate retention income 8.4
0.0 NNDR: levy account surplus allocation 0.5
1.0 New Homes Bonus 0.7
5.0 Improved Better Care Fund 6.3
0.0 Rural Service Delivery Grant 0.2
0.4 DSG Central School Services 0.4
0.5 Adult Social Care Support Grant 0.0
0.0 Winter Pressures Grant 0.8
0.0 Adult and Children Social Care Support Grant 1.3
9.3 Public Health Grant 9.1
89.8 Total Base Funding 103.1
137.7 Total Funding 143.2

There are a few ways you can pay your bill. Direct Debit is the easiest.