Enforcement Agents – fee structure

The national fee structure for enforcement agents (formerly bailiffs), and the stages at which the fees are triggered.

The Ministry of Justice has imposed the following national fee structure on enforcement agents.

Enforcement agents cannot charge additional fees over and above this fee structure, although any additional costs incurred (such as locksmiths or auctioneer’s costs) will be passed on to the debtor.

There is no creditor guaranteed fee.

Ministry of Justice proposed fees for non High-Court Enforcement

Percentage fee  Percentage fee
Fee stage Fixed fee £0 to £1,500 More than £1,500
Compliance stage – triggered when the debt is received by the enforcement agent  £75  none  none
Enforcement stage – triggered once an attendance is made to the relevant premises  £235  none  7.5%
Sale stage – triggered when a visit is made to the relevant premises for the purpose of transporting goods to the place of sale  £110  none  7.5%

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