Disability reduction on Council Tax

If a disabled person lives at your address, you may be entitled to a Council Tax reduction. This is done by reducing the Council Tax band of your property.

Disabled Band Relief is a reduction in your Council Tax bill, which can be awarded, where we are satisfied that:

  • Any member of your household is substantially and permanently disabled, whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise and, at least one of the following facilities in the property, is essential in order to meet that person’s needs;
  • A room which is not a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or lavatory, which is used predominantly by any disabled resident of the dwelling and is required for meeting their needs (the room may be used for providing therapy or otherwise specific to the disability and care of the disabled resident); or,
  • An additional bathroom or kitchen (i.e. one which is not the only bathroom or kitchen within the dwelling) which is required for meeting the needs of any disabled resident of the dwelling; or,
  • Sufficient floor space to permit the use of and use is made of a wheelchair indoors, which is required for meeting the needs of any disabled resident of the dwelling.

If none of the above facilities are present in the property you will not qualify.

An inspection will be required to be undertaken to validate your application. This reduction is to make sure people do not pay more Council Tax in respect of extra space or facilities needed for someone with a disability. However, it does not apply if the only part of your home that has been adapted is your normal kitchen, bathroom or toilet.

If you have been granted a disability reduction, this will appear on the front of your bill. This reduction is achieved by applying the next lowest valuation band to the property when calculating the charge. In other words a property in Band C will be charged at Band B. Bills for Band A (the lowest band) properties will be reduced by one-sixth of the charge. If you have not been given a reduction but think that you should get one, please complete our online form below, or contact the Council Tax team.