Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payment (DHP)

These payments are awarded as a short term measure to assist households suffering from severe financial hardship. They can only be awarded when the amount of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit (housing element) you receive is less than the rent you have to pay.

Council Tax Support Fund (CTS)

This fund was set up to provide financial help to households affected by the change from Council Tax Benefit to Local Council Tax Support. In order to make a claim, you must have had a reduction in the level of Council Tax support you receive. The payments are made as a short term measure to help households suffering from severe financial hardship.  To apply for this support you must be receiving Council Tax Support.

Help with housing costs payments can be made to you if your housing benefit or the housing element of your universal credit does not cover your full rent charge and you have to up the difference. In exceptional circumstances, we can also use money from the fund to help you pay rent in advance to move into a new property.  Payments are only made for a limited time to customers experiencing financial difficulties.

A payment cannot be larger than the difference between your housing benefit or the housing element of your universal credit and the total rent you have to pay.

The benefits team consider every application individually, taking into account your total household income, your savings, any special circumstances (such as illness or disability) and whether you are able to rearrange your finances. A decision will then be made on whether to make an award and how much it will be.

The discretionary housing payment is made with your housing benefit (if you receive it), whether the payment goes to you or directly to your landlord. If you are in receipt of universal credit the payment will be sent to you from North Lincolnshire Council and not with your universal credit payment.

This fund has been put in place to help customers receiving Council Tax Support who need further help when they receive an increased council tax bill.

A Council Tax Support Fund payment cannot be more than the difference between the amount of Council Tax Support you are entitled to, and the amount of Council Tax you actually have to pay.

If you are awarded additional support from this fund it will be paid directly in to your Council Tax account, a new bill will be provided which outlines the extra help you have received, and any new payment plan which you must follow.