Change of name deed service

North Lincolnshire Register Office offer a Change of Name Deed service.

In the UK anyone may legally change their name without drawing up a formal record. However, in order for your new name to be officially accepted by organisations such as banks, building societies and the Passport Agency, an official Change of Name Deed may be required.

Your birth certificate will not change; the name deed will run alongside your birth certificate and you should keep both documents together at all times.

Most places and organisations will now accept a Change of Name Deed. However, if you require one for a specific purpose we advise you to check that this document will be acceptable.

When deciding on your chosen name, the new name must not:

  • Be rude or offensive
  • Be used to create the impression of an inherited or awarded title, for example Sir, Dame, Lord, Lady
  • Be chosen with the intent to defraud

How to request a Change of Name Deed

To request a Change of Name Deed you must be a British citizen over the age of 18.

You will be required to attend the appointment in person and produce the following documents:

  • Proof of identity – either your full birth certificate (showing parents’ names) or your current passport
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership certificate
  • Decree Absolute (if divorced)
  • Proof of address – a recent bank statement or utility bill showing your correct address

Please note all documents asked for should be original and not photocopies.

The Change of Name Deed will be prepared and witnessed by a trained Registration Officer and you will receive your name deed at the end of your appointment.

Your new name will then be officially recognised.

The process will usually take up to half an hour. This includes the preparation and production of two officially stamped and signed change of name deeds.

You are given one original deed to keep. The other deed is retained in our records and means you can obtain further copies within 10 years of your original appointment.

Please note: We  keep Change of Name Deed records for 10 years. After this time, paper copies are shredded and information will be deleted from our computer records. If you require more copies of your document after 10 years, you would have to have a fresh Change of Name Deed drawn up and the full fee for the service at that time would apply.


The fee for name deed is £60.

The costs include the original Change of Name Deed. Additional certified copies can be purchased on the day for a fee of £10.

Further copies of the deed can be obtained for up to 10 years after the deed was made. The fee for this is £30.

Payment can be made by debit or credit card or by cheque. Please note that we do not take cash payments.

Frequently asked questions about name changes

I’m getting married or registering a civil partnership, do I need a Change of Name Deed?

If you are getting married or registering a civil partnership and taking your partner’s name, or ‘double-barrelling’ your names, then you will not need to apply for a Change of Name Deed. The certificate that you will be issued with after the ceremony or signing has taken place can be used as proof of how you have changed your name.

If, however, you have decided to combine your names (also known as ‘meshing’), for example combining Smith and Miles to Smiles, then a change of name deed would be advisable.

Can I change my child’s name?

If your child was born in England or Wales and is under the age of one year old you can change your child’s forename only on the birth certificate through a ‘certificate of naming’ which is available from your local Register Office. This service costs £40 and copy certificates after the entry is made will be £11

We do not currently offer the Change of Name Deed service for anyone under the age of 18.

After you’ve changed your name there are a number of people that you may wish to tell about the change. Details are available in our list of people to be notified of your change of name [PDF, 9Kb].

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