Report a missed bin or box

If your bin has not been collected, you can report it via this page.

Before you report a missed collection, remember to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was your bin out on the correct date and time? (Containers should be presented by 6am for trade and 7am for domestic on your collection day.)
  • Was your collection day affected by a bank holiday this week?
  • Did your bin contain the correct material?

If your bins have been missed please be aware that we will carry out the following checks on our systems:

  • In cab
  • Crew reports
  • CCTV
  • Tracking

This checks whether the bins/boxes were presented on time or if there were any issues with the bins/boxes that have been logged on our systems, for example, contaminated or too heavy.

If, after all checks have been done, and the bin was missed by the crews we will return within three working days.

Please put your wheeled bins, boxes and small electrical items out by 7am at the edge of your property on collection day. We provide an assisted collection service for residents who are unable to present their bins, boxes and bags for emptying.

Please do not report a missed bin or box until after 4pm on your collection day, unless your adjacent neighbours either side have been emptied as the crew can still collect until 6pm.

If you still believe that your containers have not been collected through no fault of your own, please complete the form below and we will investigate.

Please put your commercial wheeled bins out by 6am at the edge of your commercial premises on collection day.

To report a missed commercial collection, please email

Returning your bins

We request that you return your empty bins to your commercial premises after they are collected.  Do not leave your bins on the highway/pavement as under the Highways Act 1980 it is an offence to obstruct the highway including pavements.