Change your bin size

If you would like to recycle more, you can change your recycling bin size. If you live in a household of five or more people, you can request a larger general waste bin or larger recycling bin.

You can now choose to increase the size of either your burgundy or brown recycling bin by decreasing the size of your general waste bin.

You can have:

  • 240 litre burgundy bin, and 140 litre brown and general waste bins
  • 240 litre brown bin, and 140 litre burgundy and general waste bins

In other words, you are entitled to three bins. Only one of them can be 240 litre.

If you already have 140 litre general, burgundy and brown recycling bins you can exchange either the 140 litre brown OR burgundy bin for the larger 240 litre size. If you do not have a bin to upsize you would need to purchase one.

Your existing bin(s) will be removed when the new bins are delivered. Once exchanged, if you wish to go back to smaller recycling bins and have a 240 litre general waste bin there will be a charge for a bigger 240L general bin.

In other words, if you find the 140 litre general waste bin is not big enough, you will need to pay to go back to a 240 litre general waste bin, and you will also have to reduce your recycling bin back to 140 litre.

Please see our fees and charges page for more information.

We provide larger wheeled bins for households that have five or more permanent residents. For medical issues, please read our medical collections page. Larger families now have two options to exchange 140/240L general bin for:

  • Option 1 – 360 litre general waste bin, plus one 140 litre burgundy bin and one 140 litre brown bin
  • Option 2 – 240 litre general waste bin, plus either a 240 litre burgundy bin OR a 240 litre brown bin. The brown/burgundy bin NOT chosen in the 240 litre size will be the 140 litre standard size.

If you do not have a bin you would need to purchase one.

All households requesting a larger bin need to complete an application form and must meet the following criteria:

  • there must be five or more permanent residents in the household
  • the household must receive an alternate weekly collection
  • the occupants are actively engaged in recycling and regularly use the kerbside and other recycling facilities now provided

Conditions for larger bin application:

  • the 360 litre or 240 litre bin(s) will be ‘on loan’ and remain the property of the council. Your existing bin(s) will be exchanged for the larger size(s).
  • at the end of the loan period you will be supplied with a replacement bin of standard size
  • provision will be reviewed annually
  • we reserve the right to visit the home address to confirm entitlement
  • as part of the loan agreement you are responsible for the bin and shall bear the cost of making good any loss or damage to the bin whether you continue with the service or not
  • to notify us of any changes of address

Provision of false information can result in the withdrawal of this service.

To apply for a larger bin please complete our online form: