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Current consultations

Current consultations

We ensure that services meet the needs and expectations of the community by regularly consulting with individuals, organisations and businesses. We do this through the decision making process. The North Lincolnshire Community Engagement Plan is in place to help with this.

We will seek your views on a number of areas. These include:

  • Reviewing the direction of the council
  • Helping us to build active, healthy, successful and safe communities
  • Setting the council's budget and council tax
  • Taking major decisions about council policy
  • Reviewing and improving the quality of life in the area
  • Reviewing and improving service design, delivery and access
  • Receiving feedback on performance and satisfaction levels
  • Allowing people to raise issues of importance to them

Our current consultations:

We are encouraging bus users in Scunthorpe to share their views on the bus network to find out if it takes them where they need to be and meets their needs.

Do you think changes need to be made to the bus network within Scunthorpe? Would you like the current service to stay as it is? Let us know what you think.

Have your say on Scunthorpe bus network

The consultation will run from Wednesday 20 September until Wednesday 1 November 2017.

We are carrying out a consultation with residents to get their views on proposed changes to the Council Tax Support Scheme for 2018/19.

Council tax support is currently provided to around 14,000 households in North Lincolnshire at an annual cost of approximately £9m. This includes pension and working age households.

Currently working age households in receipt of council tax reduction support (previously Council Tax Benefit) receive up to 77 per cent of their council tax bill supported through the reduction.

Under the new proposals for 2018/19, working age households who are in receipt of disability benefits will be protected at the same level. Other working age households will receive a discount of up to 50 per cent on their annual council tax bill. 

Pension age households will not be affected by the proposed changes and eligible households will continue to receive up to 100 per cent discount.

Have your say on the proposed changes

The consultation will run from 8 September to 10 November 2017.

North Lincolnshire Council is considering introducing a selective licensing scheme in parts of the Town and Crosby and Park wards of Scunthorpe.

The scheme would require all private landlords within the designated area to apply for a licence for each property they let out. The licence would last for five years, conditions of the licence would help address issues in the area as detailed in the business case.

We are consulting with landlords, residents, businesses and other affected parties to gather information and opinions about the proposed licensing scheme. 

You can find out more about the proposed licence in our selective licensing consultation document [PDF, 1Mb].

You can complete the consultation online now:

Tell us your views on the proposed selective licensing

 Let us know how we’ve done

To help us make improvements to our services we want to know your experiences of contacting the council.

Thinking back to the last time you contacted the council - whether it was via email, over the phone, in person or online – how satisfied were you with the service you received? Did a member of staff go out of their way to help you? Did you feel they could have done more? Now is your chance to let us know in our customer satisfaction survey.

We are committing to providing the best possible frontline council services and your feedback is invaluable in helping us to assess how we are doing and to make improvements.

The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete and can be filled-in online:

Complete the customer satisfaction survey

North Lincolnshire Council has successfully bid for funding, along with four other regional authorities, to develop our Armed Forces Convenant. Please complete the online survey to tell us about your current awareness of the Covenant and what you think to developing it.

Complete the Armed Forces Convenant survey

We would like to know your views on the management of Laurel Way Open Space at Timberlands in Scunthorpe. The open space contains an archaeological site first identified in 1994 in advance of the house building at Timberlands. The site is a Roman farmstead with earlier, Iron Age origins. The archaeology lies quite close to the surface and can be easily damaged.

To protect the archaeology, the area was allocated as the open space for the development. Elsewhere at Timberlands, the archaeology was excavated in advance of house building. 

Currently, the council manages the open space to protect the archaeology of the site, encourage wildlife and provide public access.

Our aims are to: 

  • Help create a green space that people use and enjoy 
  • Protect the archaeology
  • Encourage wildflowers and wildlife habitats 
  • Provide information about the archaeology 
  • Involve local people in the management of the site  

By completing the online survey you can tell us

  • How you currently use the site
  • Any ideas you have for the site
  • If you would like to be involved with managing the site 

Complete the Laurel Way Open Space survey

You can have your say until 30 October 2017.

Following a public consultation exercise support was received to create nursery provision at Oakfield Primary School. On the basis of the support for the proposal, a public notice was published and following a four week consultation period, no representations or objections were received.  

Based on information provided in our full proposals and feedback from the consultation exercise and the public notice, the Cabinet Member for Children, Learning and Families has approved the proposal to create nursery provision at Oakfield Primary School.

 In summary this means we will be:

  • Creating nursery provision with effect from January 2018.
  • The nursery provision will support the implementation of 30 hours free childcare for working parents of three year olds and four year olds
  • From 1 January 2018, 15 nursery places will be available, rising to 26 as demand increases

Have your say on the plans for Scunthorpe Market

We are continuing with our ambitious £60m plans to transform Scunthorpe town centre. Now residents, businesses and market traders are all being asked to share their views to inform the future direction, location and investment for Scunthorpe’s market.

Your views will be considered to determine a plan of investment for Scunthorpe Market.

Take a look at the 3D videos of what the future market provision could look like:

Video 1
Video 2

You have until 25 October to tell us what you think about the proposals.

Complete the Scunthorpe Market survey

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Last updated: 10/10/2017
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