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Current consultations

Current consultations

We ensure that services meet the needs and expectations of the community by regularly consulting with individuals, organisations and businesses. We do this through the decision making process. The North Lincolnshire Community Engagement Plan is in place to help with this.

We will seek your views on a number of areas. These include:

  • Reviewing the direction of the council
  • Helping us to build active, healthy, successful and safe communities
  • Setting the council's budget and council tax
  • Taking major decisions about council policy
  • Reviewing and improving the quality of life in the area
  • Reviewing and improving service design, delivery and access
  • Receiving feedback on performance and satisfaction levels
  • Allowing people to raise issues of importance to them

Our current consultations:

Over the next 20 years we want to increase prosperity in North Lincolnshire by supporting and enabling economic and housing growth, increasing visitor numbers, investing in infrastructure, and enabling a highly skilled workforce.

In support of these ambitions we have developed the following plans:

North Lincolnshire Council would like to hear your views on the above draft plans. Please use the survey below to tell us your views on each of the plans. The deadline for responding is 21 September 2018.

Thank you for your participation.

Tell us your views on the draft Economic Growth Plan

Tell us your views on the draft Housing Growth Plan

Tell us your views on the draft Visitor Economy Plan

Tell us your views on the draft Infrastructure Plan

If you have any specific questions regarding the plans please email prosperityplans@northlincs.gov.uk.

We are carrying out the consultation to determine if childcare in North Lincolnshire meets the needs of families; whether it is affordable, of a high enough quality, and is flexible.

If you are currently using a childcare provider in North Lincolnshire, please let us know your thoughts online now:

Your thoughts on childcare 

Where parents are not currently using childcare we want to determine if this is their choice or they perceive it to be too expensive or can't find childcare to meet their working needs.

If you are a parent not currently using a childcare provider in North Lincolnshire, please let us know why online now:

Why I'm not currently using childcare

All returns will be entered into a free prize draw to win one of four £25 Argos vouchers. 

The deadline for completed surveys is 10 August 2018.

The results will be used to inform the council sufficiency audit, the annual review of childcare places and demand. The responses of parents may identify gaps in provision which, as a council, we can aim to work in partnership with existing and new childcare providers to fill.

 Let us know how we’ve done

To help us make improvements to our services we want to know your experiences of contacting the council.

Thinking back to the last time you contacted the council - whether it was via email, over the phone, in person or online – how satisfied were you with the service you received? Did a member of staff go out of their way to help you? Did you feel they could have done more? Now is your chance to let us know in our customer satisfaction survey.

We are committing to providing the best possible frontline council services and your feedback is invaluable in helping us to assess how we are doing and to make improvements.

The survey should take no more than five minutes to complete and can be filled-in online:

Complete the customer satisfaction survey

North Lincolnshire Council has successfully bid for funding, along with four other regional authorities, to develop our Armed Forces Convenant. Please complete the online survey to tell us about your current awareness of the Covenant and what you think to developing it.

Complete the Armed Forces Convenant survey

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Last updated: 03/08/2018