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New powers to tackle verge damage

New powers to tackle verge damage

5 February 2018

Highways officers are set to use new powers to tackle highway verge damage across North Lincolnshire. 

North Lincolnshire Council’s Highways Officers can issue new Community Protection Notices (CPN) to anyone who damages highway verges across the area.

This new legislation allows the council to issue warnings and official notices to those whose behaviour or actions are having a detrimental effect on the neighbourhood. It also includes businesses or organisations who fail to meet their responsibilities.

CPNs will be issued for unreasonable and persistent acts of anti-social behaviour. Officers will determine if an offender should be given an £80 fixed penalty notice or be taken to court so that they can be made to repair the damage caused.

Cllr Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places, said:

“We receive a number of complaints from residents about highway verge damage, so we have decided it is time to address the problem. The new powers will mean quicker and more effective crack down on offenders.

“Damaging highway verges makes our neighbourhoods and streets look untidy. We want our area to look attractive for our residents and visitors.

“Carrying out the repairs to damaged verges is an avoidable cost and a cost that falls on the taxpayer. This is money could be better spent on other services.

“With these new powers we hope to prevent people from damaging verges in the first place. But for those who offend it will ensure they are held to account for their actions.”

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First Published:05 February 2018