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Final stage for Appleby's Neighbourhood Plan

Final stage for Appleby’s Neighbourhood Plan

1 October 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan for developing Appleby over the next 10 to 15 years, has been submitted to North Lincolnshire Council for consideration.

Appleby was formally designated as a Neighbourhood Area on 18 December 2014 and since then the Parish Council has been working towards their Neighbourhood Plan.

Following a six week consultation in February and March 2018 in which local residents had their say on the Neighbourhood Plan put forward by Appleby Parish Council, amendments have been made and the final version has now been handed in to the council.

Before a decision can be made on the application, residents are encouraged to tell us what they think about the final version of Appleby’s Neighbourhood Plan. Take a look at the Plan and have your say.

Paper copies of the response form and all the Neighbourhood Plan documents are available at the Civic Centre in Scunthorpe and at the Local Links in Scunthorpe, Barton and Brigg.

Comments can be made on the plan from Monday 1 October until Friday 9 November 2018.

All comments will then be collated and reported, and any appropriate amendments will be made to the Plan. The council will then fund and arrange an Examination of the Plan led by an impartial planning examiner.

If the examiner recommends that the Plan should be adopted, the council will arrange a referendum in which local people will be given the chance to vote on whether they think it should be adopted. If it is supported by the local community at the referendum, the policies in the Appleby Neighbourhood Plan will then be used by the council when determining planning applications in Appleby.

Cllr Rob Waltham, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Appleby is the first community in North Lincolnshire to submit their final draft of their Neighbourhood Plan, which is a great achievement. The steering group have put a lot of effort into the plan that will help shape their community.

“People will now get the chance to comment on Appleby’s Neighbourhood Plan prior to the examination when a decision will be made on whether it is adopted. Residents in Appleby will then be able to make a decision on if they want to accept the Plan put forward.

“If you live in Appleby, take a look a look at the Neighbourhood Plan and tell us what you think.”

Ivor Keyes, Appleby Parish Councillor, said:

“The steering group has been preparing the Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish of Appleby for the last three years. The group has tried to be as inclusive as possible, consulting with residents through several questionnaires and Community ‘drop in’ Visioning days and open meetings to encourage local people to say how they want the future of the parish to look. The group has contacted agencies, other interested parties, and local businesses to attract comments from as far and wide as possible and received many helpful comments.

“We are proud of the Plan and how it has developed. We think it reflects residents’ comments and look forward to hearing local views on this final draft version of the Plan.”

Communities interested in Neighbourhood Planning should contact the council’s Spatial Planning team on 01724 297485 or 01724 297573 or email: spatial.planning@northlincs.gov.uk.

More information is also available on the neighbourhood planning pages on the council’s website:www.northlincs.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/planning-policy/evidence-monitoring-info/neighbourhood-planning/.

Neighbourhood Plans are part of the government’s ambitions to give communities a greater say on how their areas should be developed and changed. They are led by communities themselves not the council. In North Lincolnshire they can be led by Town or Parish Councils, or by Neighbourhood Forums.

Neighbourhood Plans must go through different stages before they can be finalised. Once they are been finalised the council must adopt them as part of the overall development plan for North Lincolnshire. This means that they will be used to make planning decisions.

Before a Town or Parish or neighbourhood forum can begin the work of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan, they must apply to have the area they wish the plan to cover to be formally designated.

In North Lincolnshire there are nine designated Neighbourhood Areas:

  • Appleby
  • Barrow-upon-Humber
  • Bonby
  • Brigg
  • Elsham
  • Saxby-all-Saints
  • South Ferriby
  • Winterton
  • Worlaby


A number of other towns and villages are also considering whether they should start work on a neighbourhood plan.

First Published:01 October 2018