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Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership

Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership

21 April 2016

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has announced that the Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership has been chosen to be part of its Landscape Partnership Programme.

This programme recognises some of the most important landscapes in country and it is through this programme that HLF has awarded a grant of £1.84m to the Partnership.

Thanks to National Lottery players, this investment will ensure a significant boost for the Partnership area providing long-term social, economic and environmental benefits.

The Landscape Partnership forms part of a wider partnership based upon the Humberhead Levels National Landscape Character Area. The Partnership brings together local community groups, central government agencies, local authorities, charitable trusts and other agencies.  These are working together to deliver change and the conservation of landscape features and heritage.  It is run through North Lincolnshire Council as the accountable body and it aims to reconnect local people and communities with their landscape and landscape heritage.

The Partnership will run for five years from mid 2016 and covers most of Hatfield Woodhouse, Moorends and Thorne (Doncaster Metropolitan Borough) and the Isle of Axholme (North Lincolnshire Council) plus a small area of the adjacent East Riding of Yorkshire to the north. The area is made up of the following broad landscape types:

  • The Internationally important Thorne, Crowle and Hatfield moors;

  • The nationally important remnant open field landscapes of the Isle of Axholme, and;

  • Some of the country’s earliest large scale drained, engineered and improved lands mainly comprises in the former Hatfield Chase at one time a hunting ground of the Kings and queens of England.         

HLF’s Landscape Partnership Programme has now been running for more than a decade, it is the most significant grant scheme available for landscape-scale projects. To date, £177m of grant aid has been given to 99 Landscape Partnerships which have helped to forge new partnerships between public and community bodies and ensure that people are better equipped to understand and tackle the needs of their local landscapes.

Cllr Liz Redfern, Leader of North Lincolnshire Council and ward member for the Isle of Axholme, said:

“This is fantastic news from the Heritage Lottery and shows a real commitment to our local landscape. North Lincolnshire Council is funding many of the projects along with local community bodies and our other partners in Natural England, The Canal and River Trust, Doncaster Council and a consortium of Internal Drainage Boards. Together the total investment from the Partners, HLF and community groups in the Landscape Partnership Area will be over £3m.

"We believe that by involving our local communities in their landscape and by helping them to understand it, can we ever hope to protect it. Reconnecting people with their landscape and involving them in it is one of the main aims of our Landscape partnership. I am sure it will be a success and I would like to thank all the partners and local groups who have been involved in putting this bid together. Now the real work starts in putting all our fine words into action.”          

The Landscape Partnership area is rich in industrial, natural and cultural heritage however, over several decades local people and communities have become disconnected from their landscape and the heritage it contains. The Landscape Partnership will focus on unifying these aspects.
The area contains numerous Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), National Nature Reserves (NNR) Local Wildlife Sites and Local Nature Reserves. On the cultural heritage side there is a strong identity arising from small scale agriculture and horticulture, from
coal mining and the history of peat extraction on the Thorne, Crowle and Hatfield Moors.  In the isle of Axholme many of the ancient traditions of openfield system still exist but are in decline.

The Partnership will protect, restore and enhance the natural, cultural and industrial heritage of the area. Walking and cycling trails will be created and improved and signage and information will be enhanced. Local communities will be able to get involved through learning and volunteer training programmes. The project is led by North Lincolnshire Council.

The Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership

The Humberhead Levels Partnership, in conjunction with North Lincolnshire Council as the accountable body, submitted a Stage 1 application in early 2013, and after intense competition was given permission for a Development Phase to prepare a Stage 2 bid.  The landscape Partnership coming into being formally in early 2014. The second stage bid has now (March 2016) proved successful and the accountable body is working with partners toward a start up for the scheme proper in mid 2016.

The main aim of the Landscape Partnership is to inspire people to reconnect with their landscape and cultural heritage, and thereby value and conserve the historic area of the Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase for the benefit of future generations.

Heritage Lottery Fund

Thanks to National Lottery players, we invest money to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about - from the archaeology under our feet to the historic parks and buildings we love, from precious memories and collections to rare wildlife. For more information, visit the HLF website.  @heritagelottery @HLFYandH

HLF’s Landscape Partnerships are helping bring together members of the community as well as local, regional, and national organisations to deliver schemes which benefit some of the UK’s most outstanding landscapes and rural communities. Grants range from £100,000 to £3m.

The HLF awarded funding of £97,500 to the Landscape Partnership to develop a Stage 2 bid. HLF has now announced that the Landscape Partnership has been chosen as part of its Landscape Partnership Programme and has awarded a grant of £1,840,400 to the Partnership.

Together with matched funding provided through partners in the Partnership an overall expenditure of in excess of £3,000,000 will be made in the Partnership area over the five years from mid 2016.

The Humberhead Levels Partnership

The Humberhead Levels Partnership, together with local communities and land managers are improving the Humberhead Levels by restoring and creating wetlands along rivers and wildlife networks in the arable farmed landscape. This benefits wildlife, helps manage flood waters and locks up CO2 (a climate change gas). In turn, this improves the well being of local communities and provides new businesses opportunities.

The Partnership consists of Natural England, the Environment Agency, the RSPB, English Heritage, North Lincolnshire Council, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, Yorkshire, Nottingham and Lincolnshire Wildlife Trusts, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Isle of Axholme and North Nottinghamshire Water Level Management Board, Ouse and Humber Internal Drainage Board, the Shire Group of Internal Drainage Boards (represented via JBA Consulting). 

North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council is a key partner within the Landscape Partnership and will act as the accountable body to the Heritage Lottery Fund on behalf of the scheme as a whole. It will be providing financial and in kind support, as well as leading on several of the projects which lie within the Isle of Axholme and elsewhere within the partnership area (for location and extent of which see map).

National Landscape Character Areas (Humberhead Levels).

Isle of Axholme and Hatfield CHase Landscape Partnership.jpg
First Published:21 April 2016