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Crowle speed limits set to change following review

Crowle speed limits set to change following review

24 October 2016

North Lincolnshire Council plans to change the speed limits currently in place on a number of roads in and around Crowle to help improve road safety.

The council has reviewed the speed limits on all A and B roads in North Lincolnshire after the Department for Transport issued new guidance on setting local speed limits. The guidance aims to increase the safety of our roads and achieve consistency in setting speed limits on a national level.

Following the review, the speed limits on various sections of the B1392, the A161 – including between Belton Woodhouse and the Crowle gyratory – and other roads in and around Crowle will now change.

The majority of the speed limit changes are to reduce the speed limit along certain sections of road in the Crowle area. However, some of the changes will see higher, 40mph limits implemented along roads going into Crowle and Luddington, to better suit the road environment.

Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for Environment at North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“A driver’s choice of speed is generally influenced by the surround environment and in some cases this may be above the speed limit along that stretch of road. This speed limit review is allowing us to tidy-up the limits in such areas and make sure that they are appropriate for the road conditions.

“Speed is a factor in many of the incidents on our roads and it affects how severe they are. The safety of road users is always our number one priority when we look at setting the speed limits.”

New speed limit signs will begin to be installed in the coming weeks. The full list of speed limit changes can be found on our website.

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First Published:24 October 2016