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Community Cohesion Month at Westcliff Hub

Community Cohesion Month at Westcliff Hub

6 July 2017

As part of the ongoing partnership at Westcliff Hub between North Lincolnshire Council’s Safer Neighbourhoods, Ongo and Humberside Police a month of events focusing on community cohesion have been organised.

Focus Wednesdays at the Hub are continuing with a range of events to educate the community on what hate crime is and how to report it.

The events taking place throughout July are:

  • United Brumby event on Wednesday 12 July from 4pm to 6pm – the event will include entertainment, refreshments, quizzes, dancing, raffles and free information packs. There will also be the opportunity for residents to take part in creating the first Westcliff Colour Wall.

  • Food from Around the World on Wednesday 19 July from 10am to 12pm – residents will be encouraged to bring their favourite recipes and create a community recipe swap. Learn more about the people and their culture with the Westcliff community.

  • Intergenerational Event on Wednesday 26 July from 5pm to 7pm – Westcliff drop-in will be showcasing their recent project looking at stories and pictures of Westcliff’s past with testimonials from residents who have witnessed the changes first hand.

All events are supported by partner agencies and Hub Task Force Volunteers. Funding the event has come directly from the money raised by residents on the recent sponsored walk.

For more information contact Safer Neighbourhoods on 01724 244665 or visit the Hub, 7 The Precinct, Westcliff.

Cllr Richard Hannigan, cabinet member for Safer, Greener and Cleaner Places, said:

“The events at Westcliff Hub will bring residents together to celebrate the diverse community within Westcliff and Riddings. The Hub aims to raise awareness of hate crime, why it won’t be tolerated and how people can help get help if they are a victim of this.

“We live in a multi-cultural society and people should not be targeted for their race, religion, sexual orientation, age or anything else. Everyone should be able to feel safe in the community they live in.

“Throughout July at the Hub we want community cohesion to be at the heart of Westcliff and this to continue. The events will be a celebration of all that is great about Westcliff and the whole community is invited to go along and be part of it.”

Kathy Cairns from Ongo said:

“One of Ongo’s values is to celebrate diversity and culture within our communities. Ongo have a zero tolerance approach to any hate crime directed to any of its tenants, it is taken seriously and responded within 24 hours of receiving a report.

“Ongo work with partner agencies such as Humberside Police and Safer Neighbourhoods to target any individuals or groups, with criminal sanctions and Ongo will deal with any perpetrators with the powers available to them under housing legislation. Ongo understand this is a very difficult period of time, but we are fortunate that communities pull together.

“If there is a hate crime that is perceived by the individual as targeting them due to race, sexual orientation, transgender, disability or religious belief we would strongly urge you to contact Humberside Police and Ongo to investigate. By reporting it we can send out a message that it is not acceptable. Don’t suffer in silence, have a voice.”

Inspector Tim Harvey, Humberside Police, said:

“A hate crime is an incident which constitutes a criminal offence and which is perceived by the victim or any other person to be motivated by a hatred or intolerance of disability, age, religion, transphobia, sexual orientation, race or gender. Hate crimes and hate incidents (an incident is a non-criminal act which is perceived to be motivated by the same hatred and intolerance) can take many forms – physical attacks, threats, verbal insults, graffiti, hate mail, damage to property.

“Due to the hate and prejudice displayed by the perpetrator there is often a greater psychological effect on the victim and hate crimes and hate incidents are extremely personal in nature and target the very core of people’s identity. These incidents can impact on whole families and communities, and may lead to community tensions. Even low level incidents, if repeated, can have a severe impact on victims.

“Early intervention is vital and we urge victims not to suffer in silence but to come forward and speak to us. Humberside police takes all hate crimes and hate incidents extremely seriously. As well as thoroughly investigating the report and keeping victims update, there are a range of measures we can put in place to provide support and reassurance. We can also coordinate work with partner agencies and ensure access to translation services, for example.”

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First Published:06 July 2017