North Lincolnshire Council


One of our many walking groups. The walks are now becoming very popular, with some getting attendances of over 60!

Don’t just take our word for it, see what some of our walkers have to say about the Led Health Walks:

  • ”Great scheme, friendly atmosphere, nice people”
  • ”The Walk Leaders make the the walks as interesting as possible. They are also very considerate. It really is like one large family going for a walk plus a chat and a ‘bun and coffee’ at the end – this also brings walkers closer together”
  • ”An enjoyable outing, promoting a healthier lifestyle with leadership and companionship, very worthwhile”
  • ”My son rings every night from Cyprus and i rarely have anything interesting to say. I cant wait to tell him about my walk in the woods. He’ll be so pleased!”
  • ”I have been on 3 walks in the last 2 weeks. I find the walks excellent, the leaders very good and everyone is friendly”
  •  ”Nice walks, nice people, nice morning out (and good for my health). A good selection of different people, all working together for a different purpose, no one left out”
  • ”It is a pleasure to be walking again with a pleasant group of people who all have something in common – the pleasure of walking!”
  • “I have made over 100 new friends since I joined the walks and i didn’t know any of these people before “
  • “Whenever i come over to Lincolnshire from my home in America I join the walks , the people are so friendly and the countryside is so beautiful “