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Twigmoor Woods walking route

Twigmoor Woods walking route


Shorter walk 1.75 miles.

Longer walk 2.5 miles.


At Twigmoor Woods Car Park on the B1398 between Holme Lane and Greetwell cross roads.


1. From the car park go into the woods on a broad track ignoring a track on the right only a few yards into the wood, the track goes slightly uphill and then drops quite steeply.

2. Just after a small lake is passed on the right you reach a junction where the short walk bears right. For this walk follow points three to five. For the longer walk carry straight on, following the path on a circular walk until you come to a T-junction.  Take a right here, following the sign for the car park, until you reach point two again. Take a left here then pick up the short walk route (points three to five).

3. When the path divides either route may be taken as they meet up at the same point, but go left for a splendid view of the lake.

4. Carry on down the path. You will come across a narrow way marked path to the right which crosses a wooden bridge, this can be taken but it may be better to carry straight on along the wider path.

5. If the wider path has been taken, take a right turn, signposted 'car park', along a gently rising track. The car park is seen at the end, the way is obvious.  If the wooden bridge route has been taken follow the path until you come across the 'car park'  sign, follow this back to the car park.


Beautiful woodland scenery with wide tracks. There are tree roots to watch out for. Take care down the steepish slope between points one and two.

Extra care should be taken in adverse weather conditions as paths can become muddy.


Allow an hour for the shorter walk and an hour and 15 minutes for the longer walk.    


The Ashby Lodge, Brigg Road (opposite Morrison's supermarket) is nearby.      

The Pink Pig Organic Farm, Holme Lane (take a left out of the car park, Holme Lane is the next left turn, follow the road until you see the sign for the Farm).




OS Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley.   

You can also download a PDF version of the route: