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Kirton Lindsey (north) walking route

Kirton Lindsey (north) walking route


2.2 miles.   


The Market Place in Kirton. From Scunthorpe enter the town; 2.9 miles go straight on at the main cross roads and take the first right (High Street) down into the Market Place (sign post Market Place) where there is a small car park.


1. Take the Town Hall passage to the left of the Town Hall, cross King Edward Street to The Green and turn right towards the crossroads.    

2. Turn left along Northcliff Road (Scunthorpe Road). On the right hand side of the road is a good pavement, on the left the pavement soon stops giving way to a wide grass verge, the left is the safer option.   

3. On the left hand side of the road, shortly before the windmill a finger post points left to a stile, cross it walking downhill on the left side of the field.    

4. Towards the bottom of the field a way mark points to a stile in the bottom right hand corner of the field, cross this stile.    

5. The path crosses a cropped field diagonally right towards a large cuppresus tree and a white fronted building – this is the railway station, a waymark shoes where the path then leads into the station approach road.

6. Turn left down this road to a road junction (Station Road).    

7. Turn left into Station Road and cross to the pavement. Ignore the first turn right (Richdale Avenue).

8. Turn right into Church Street and continue across a crossroads still along Church Street to St. Andrews Church.    

9. Take the tarmac path to the left of the church and keeping to the left side of the churchyard into Wesley Street.    

10. Turn slightly right and left along a short road, which enters Traingate.

11. Cross Train gate into West Cross Street.    

12. Turn left up Dunston Hill in about 50metres/100yards.    

13. Turn right into East Cross Street and along an enclosed footpath to a field.    

14.Turn right and then left up a bank to the reservoir, make a pleasant circuit of the reservoir and then return to Dunston Hill. 

15.Turn right up the steeply rising Dunston Hill to the road junction at the top. 

16. Turn left along Southcliff Road, cross Queen Street, going straight on. 

17. Immediately before a high gate with lions on the gatepost turn left into a lane, which quickly narrows to an enclosed passage, (Red Lion Passage) this emerges into the Market Place, your starting point.


Hilly, descending from point three to seven, rising slightly to point eight, rising again from 13 to 15 and steeply from 15 to 16.

Countryside footpaths are followed from point three to six and again on the reservoir circuit.


 Allow between an hour and an hour and a half to complete the walk at a steady pace.


There are several pubs that serve lunches.

Fair Gardens Plant Centre bistro 01652 640589.    

Mount Pleasant Windmill Tearoom.


Next to Town Hall in Market Square. Fair Gardens Plant Centre.


OS Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley.

You can also download a PDF version of the route: