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Scunthorpe to Ings Drain walking route

Scunthorpe to Ings Drain walking route


2.9 miles.


North Lincolnshire Retail Park, Doncaster Road, Scunthorpe. The retail car parks are for customers and time restrictions do apply. DN15 8TG.


1. Head away from the main road towards the railway viaduct.

2. Shortly before the viaduct, turn right along a way marked path between bushes and trees, this path passes behind Glanford Park Football Stadium.

3. Shortly before the Motorway the path bends round to the right of a training pitch, follow this towards the main road again.

4. Take the winding, ascending tarmac path left and over the motorway bridge.

5. Leave this bridge on a descending, winding path to the left, this path proceeds back alongside the motorway towards the railway embankment.

6. The path bends to the right and follows a delightful path between trees and shrubs, parallel to the railway.

7. Cross a private access lane.

8. Where the path crosses a deep wide drain (Ings Drain), turn and retrace your steps to the bridge over the motorway. The path actually terminates at the A18 in Gunness opposite Gunness Wharf – to achieve this and return, add half a mile to this walk.

9. On recrossing the motorway bridge, bear left on the tarmac path which descends, joining the pavement alongside Doncaster Road.

10. Cross the access road to Glanford Park, proceeding ahead back towards the retail park.


Generally flat, other than crossing the motorway bridge. All paths are good but may become muddy after rain.   


Allow between an hour and an hour and a half to complete the walk at a leisurely pace.   


There are various fast food outlets and shop cafés in the retail parks.


OS Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme.


Many of the food outlets have their own facilities for patrons. There is also a large Tesco store with customer toilets.

You can also download a PDF version of the route: