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Scunthorpe central walking route

Scunthorpe central walking route


2.3 miles.


The car park on Henderson Avenue next to Sainsbury’s Supermarket. DN15 7RQ.


1. Cross Doncaster Road, go along Exeter road, crossing Mary Street, Bruce Street and Cliff Gardens.

2. Turn left down Vicarage Gardens.

3. Turn right along Oswald Road passing the Museum on your right.

4. Turn right up church Lane, crossing near the Post Office.

5. Turn left along Bell Lane, at the end bend right along the lane parallel to the railway, the lane emerges to the right of Church Lane Medical Centre.

6. Keep left along this road (Orchid Road) through a small estate to the end.

7. Go through the access gap in the fence down into Frodingham Nature Reserve, follow the duckboard path across the wet area.

8. Leave the reserve through the gate, cross the car park and up the access road back to Church Lane.

9. Cross the road, turning left down the hill, crossing Newland Avenue and Axholme Road and down to the main road (Kingsway).

10. Turn right downhill along the pavement.

11. Turn right along a surfaced path to the bend in Cliff Closes Road and keep left downhill.

12. Turn left into the gardens past a play area on your left.  Keep to the left at the first path junction.

13. Turn left after a large tree, circling a weeping willow tree and going back uphill towards a formal garden bed, circling it to the left.

14. Head uphill, cross the lower road and through a metal gate, up a ramp, and through a second gate.

15. Turn left along this upper part of Cliff Closes Road.

16. Turn right up Doncaster Road Hill, cross (using the pedestrian crossing between Newland Avenue and Highfield Avenue) crossing Avenue Vivian and passing High Ridge School back to your starting point.


All paths and pavements are surfaced except in the nature reserve. A short steep upward slope leaves the lower hospital car park. From there paths and pavements slope downhill to near point 13.

From point 13 to point 15 is uphill with a level stretch to point 16 and then uphill again, levelling out near High Ridge School.


Allow between an hour and an hour and a half to complete the walk at a leisurely pace.


The Royal Hotel is on the walk route 01724 282233.
Nearby there many fast food outlets and shop cafés at Gallagher and North Lincolnshire Retail Parks. The town centre also has numerous cafés, pubs and restaurants.


OS Explorer 280 isle of Axholme.

OS Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley.       


Sainsbury's supermarket have toilet facilities for customers.  

You can also download a PDF version of the route: