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Alkborough walking route

Alkborough walking route


Two and a half miles.


Near the path entrance to Julian’s Bower on Vicarage Lane, Alkborough. Usual approaches to village are made from Burton or from the A1077 Scunthorpe to Barton road via West Halton. Either road comes in from the south and Julian’s Bower is signed down Back Street.


1. Walk through the gap in the wall following a way marked admiring Julian’s Bower and the Millennium viewpoint. Take the path to the left along the escarpment.

2. Carry straight on through the trees along the escarpment with the River Trent on the right, ignoring a way marked path to the left (this goes to the cemetery and is shortcut).

3. The path eventually drops into a lane with private access to Walcot Hall, cross the lane and up the path on the other side.

4. At a path junction turn left on a wide track with trees to the left, but first it is worth walking a little further to see the Kell Well, down a gravel path.  Returning to our path continue until you reach Ivy Cottage (on the right) and the Burton-Alkborough road.

5. Turn left, passing Walcot Hall and round the bend. After the main entrance to Walcot Hall there is a narrow pavement on the left hand side of the road.

6. As you enter the village turn right into College Close and follow the path on the left of the conifer hedge through to the West Halton road.

7. Turn left and, where the road bends left, cross the road following the waymarked path marked Huteson Lane. 

8. Go through the gap in the hedge and across a small field towards a white house.

9. The waymarked path goes to the left of the house and the way crosses two stiles and fields and then heads towards some bungalows.

10. A waymarked path goes right towards West Halton, but you turn left down a short lane to the Alkborough/Whitton Road.

11. Turn left, crossing the road and head towards the church.

12. Pass the church, turn right into church View and left into Churchside to return to the start.


From points one to three the path may be muddy and is used by horses. From four to five the track is wide and excellent.

From point five the walk is on a road and care should be taken until the pavement is reached. There is a stile at point seven and two stiles between nine and 10.

From 10 onwards you are on pavements; care to be taken crossing roads.


Allow between one hour and one and a half hours to complete the walk.


Flixborough Inn, Normanby Hall café or Normanby Park Golf Club.




OS Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley.

You can also download a PDF version of the route: