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Haxey to East Lound walking route

Haxey to East Lound walking route


2.8, 3.3 or 3.8 miles.


Haxey Church Car Park, High Street, Haxey. At the front of the church, a lane leads to the car park – please do not park in the lane. If there is a church function, park considerately in the High Street.


1. Turn right down High Street, continuing straight on down Low Street.      

2. Turn left up Lowcroft Avenue.

3. At the end of the avenue, turn right along a surfaced path to a road (A161), carefully cross the road and continue along a track past the end of a row of houses on the right (Eastmoor Villas).

4. When the track divides, take the right hand fork, initially with trees to your left, this track passes through Mill House Farm.

5. Just after a narrow strip of land on the right, turn right into a wide lane going down to the road.

6. If doing the 2.8mile walk, turn right along Brackenhill Road to Haxey, cross the A161 and go up Low Street back to the start. If not turn left along Brackenhill Road into the village.

7. At the junction with Carr Lane, if you are doing the 3.3mile walk, turn retracing your steps past point 6 using the same homeward route above.  If you are doing the full walk, turn right down Carr Lane.

8. Turn right at the finger post along a path just after a sub station.

9. Turn right across a plank bridge through a hedge left along a path, initially with a hedge on your left and fence on the right, later the path emerges from hedges on both sides into the road (Brackenhill Road).

10. Turn left following the pavement to a crossroads, cross carefully maintaining the same direction along Low Street past Lowcroft Avenue retracing your steps to the car park.    


All gradients are slight. Downhill to Lowcroft Avenue – up to point 3 downhill from 5 to 6.

Level to Lowcroft Avenue and up to the Church. Surfaced pavements and paths are followed to the A161, good wide tracks continue to Brackenhill Road. Carr Lane is quiet.

Narrower grassy paths lead back to Brackenhill Road and pavements take you all the way back. Care needs to be taken crossing the A161 – use the children’s dinosaur crossing, a few yards after the War Memorial.


Allow between an hour and 15 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes to complete the walk, depending which route is taken.    


The Duke William, High Street, Haxey is popular 01427 752210.  


At the junction of Low Street and Vinehall Road near the library.


OS Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme.   

You can also download a PDF version of the route below: