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Epworth West End walking route

Epworth West End walking route


2.65 miles


Holmes and Gardens Garden Centre, Belton Road, Epworth. Please park at the far end of the car park to leave space for regular patrons.


1.  Leave the car park, cross Belton Road; turn right, cross Tottermire Lane and follow the pavement uphill towards Belton.

2.  Cross the entrance to Mill View Close, then take a way marked path on the left; at some trees the path bends right and heads uphill to a finger post.

3. Turn left on a grassy path, past trees on the left heading towards a disused windmill, the path drops down slightly on the let as it passes the mill.

4. At a three-way path junction, bearing right up a slope, then crossing an unexpected dip at the hilltop. 

5. At a four way cross paths turn left; continue along a steadily descending farm track.

6. Where the track bears left, go straight, it soon bends round to the left towards the back of the houses on West End Road.

7. At the track junction, turn left along another track bordering paddocks and gardens, ignore a road right and an access road to number 58, our way leads to a wall, bends right and emerges at the road with a Baptist Church on your right.

8. Turn left along Station Road, cross to join the pavement, re-cross near a road entering a light industrial estate. Cross the side road and immediately turn left up a flag stoned path.

9. At the top of the slope turn right past the mill again (this is our outward route) continue straight on this time to the road, next to another mill.

10. Turn right along the pavement downhill to rejoin our outward route at number 2. Retrace steps to Garden Centre car park.


Once the initial road crossings lead to number two a country path leads uphill to number three, going slightly up again to number five joining farm tracks steadily downhill to number seven, staying level then rejoining the roads at number eight.

The flag stoned path leads steadily uphill up to four and nine and levels off along the ridge as a grassy path. Pavement takes you downhill to reach the initial road crossings at the end.


Allow one and a half hours at a leisurely pace to enjoy the views.


A popular café/restaurant at Holmes and Gardens Garden Centre. There are several pubs in Epworth which serve bar meals and a limited number of teashops.


Holmes and Gardens Garden Centre for patrons. The nearest public toilets are off Epworth Market Place behind The Tiny Teapot.


O.S. Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme.    

You can also download a PDF version of the route below: