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Epworth Low Burnham walking route

Epworth Low Burnham walking route


3.75 miles


The main car park off Church Street, Epworth. Entering Epworth from the A161 from the motorway, turn left at the traffic lights into High Street, keep left at the fork, the car park is on the left at the bend. Further parking can be found in nearby streets.


1. From the car park walk straight ahead into the Market Place.

2. Turn left after the Red Lion up Albion Hill, passing on your right a statue of John Wesley.

3. Turn left into Rectory Street, passing the Old Rectory on your left.

4. Just before the junction with Greengate on the left, on the opposite side of the road is a waymarked path between houses. Follow this out into the country.

5. Ignore any side tracks, follow the path straight towards the south.

6. The path appears to end at a field but turn sharp left and in a few yards right again, the path continues on over a rise and descends slightly.

7. The path swings round to the right into a lane which heads down into Low Burnham Village.

8. Waymark signs show the path swinging left and, ascending slightly follow this path.

9. Turn right at the first waymark sign, shortly crossing a field, aim for a post at the corner opposite, the path becomes more obvious following field edges down towards the village. Waymark signs show the way through hedges

10. At the road, turn right down to the Main Street.

11. At the Main Street turn right ignoring any side roads, after Holywell Farm the road becomes a rough lane leading to Point 8 from which you retrace your steps back to the beginning.


From points one to four the pavement is followed slightly uphill.

A broad track is followed to point six slightly uphill. The path is narrower here for a while over the rise it broadens again as it descends to the left of Low Burnham.

A 100 yard stretch may be ploughed here in autumn. From point seven a broad track is followed downhill to point eight and then uphill to point nine.

Soon after point nine again a small field may be ploughed in Autumn. The field edge path widens as it goes into the village. Tarmac is followed slightly uphill past Holywell Farm changing to a rough lane.

From seven to six on return goes slightly up and over a rise and slightly downhill to the end.


Allow between an hour and a half to two hours to complete the walk at a leisurely pace.


Many possibilities ranging from the Tiny Teapot café to the café at the Garden Centre to pub lunches and Takeaway outlets.


Manor Court Road, off the Market Square, Epworth.


 O.S. Explorer 280 Isle of Axholme.   

You can also download a PDF version of the route below: