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Cadney and Hibaldstow Bridge walking route

Cadney and Hibaldstow Bridge walking route


3.3 miles


Cadney Bridge Car Park.  From Bigby Road, Brigg, follow the signs to Cadney.  As you enter the village turn right down a lane signposted to Cadney Bridge.  This is a single track, surfaced country lane, bumpy in places, which ends at the bridge.  There is room for around a dozen cars with more room on the grass verges nearby.


1. Cross the bridge and the private track along the far bank.  Our path drops down into the field going slightly left towards the rails of a footbridge.    

2. Cross this footbridge and in a few yards cross a concrete bridge with one handrail, the path straightens heading towards the distant village of Hibaldstow.    

3. On reaching a road junction turn left into Cross Carr Road, continuing past a fishing lake straight on until our road ends at a road junction.    

4. Turn left into South Carr Lane, following this lane round two right-angled bends and then down a long straight to Hibaldstow Bridge.    

5. Cross the bridge, turn left onto a bank top path which in a while crosses a footbridge over North Kelsey Beck and continues along the bark top path back to Cadney Bridge.


Largely flat. The only slopes are on bridge crossings. From points one to two is a crossing of an arable field. From points two to three is a good straight path. Crossing Carr Road is quiet with good verges to step onto if traffic is encountered. South Carr Lane ends at Hibaldstow Bridge so traffic is minimal; again there are good verges to step onto. From Hibaldstow Bridge to Cadney Bridge is a good wide grass path.


Allow one and a half hours.   


The Wheatsheaf Inn, Station Road, Hibaldstow  01652 658380

The Station Fish Bar, Hibaldstow

There are various other food outlets in nearby Brigg.


None on site. The nearest are at the corner of Bigby Road and Wrawby Road in Brigg or also in Carey Lane, Brigg


O.S. Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley

You can also download a PDF version of the route: