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Broughton and East Woods walking route

Broughton and East Woods walking route


2.8 Miles


At car park opposite South View on the B1207 in Broughton. From Junction 4 on the M180, proceed to the A18 roundabout and follow the B1207 into Broughton.

At the road junction at the Dog and Rat public house, turn left, still on the B1207 towards Appleby. The car park is on the left opposite South View.


1.    Return to the B1207 road and cross it, turning left along the pavement towards Appleby.

2.    Just before the de-restriction sign, turn right onto a sign posted permissive path alongside the backs of gardens.

3.    The path bends left and right through a gap in the field boundary, running alongside the backs of gardens again to the corner of the field.

4.    Go through the gap, turning left onto a public footpath signposted to the Rowland Plantation. This path follows the edge of the wood.

5.    The path descends bending right past a pond and crossing an old bridge to a finger post. Turn right, crossing a wooden footbridge.

6.    At the first junction keep to the left.

7.    At the next junction the public footpath turns right, but, go straight on along the permissive path.

8.    Turn sharp right onto the signed public footpath.

9.    The path enters a road (Townhill Drive), turn left, ignore side roads, the road descends, bending to the right to a road junction.

10.Turn left into Townhill, cross the road, passing over Moor Beck.

11.Turn right into Chapel Lane and right again into Chapel Road.

12.At a road junction, turn right into Beck Lane, going downhill and crossing the Beck by a footpath.

13.Turn left and left again into Bassett Close following a ginnel through to a cul-de-sac called Harry’s Dream.

14.Turn right into Brooklands, following this to a T junction.

15.Turn left into South View, and crossing the B1207, back to the car park.


Fairly flat. The permissive path between point two and four is good and level. The public footpath descends gently to point five and rises steadily to point seven. The permissive section to point eight descends imperceptibly. The public footpath ascends slightly to point nine.

The road descends gently to the Beck crossing on Townhill, rising again up Chapel Lane, descending gently down Beck Lane and ascends slightly to Harry’s Dream. The roads are then level to the car park.


Between one hour and an hour and a half at a leisurely pace.      


The Dog and Rat Tavern, High Street        Tel No: 01652 653658

The Thatch Inn, High Street           Tel No: 01652 655565

Arties Mill at Castlethorpe                        Tel No: 01652 652094




O.S. Explorer 281 Ancholme Valley

You can also download a PDF version of the route below: