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Barton town and Baysgarth Park walking route

Barton town and Baysgarth Park walking route


2.7 miles


The Railway Station car park, Barton. At the Ferriby Road, Holydyke mini-roundabout, follow the signs for the Humber Bridge Viewing area. As you leave Castledyke West you come out opposite the Railway Station. Turn right and left into the car park. (There is further parking at Proudfoot’s supermarket – permission needs to be sought to use it).


1. Leave the car park, crossing Butts Road, go along Fleetgate.

2. Turn left into Newport Street, continuing until the junction with Queen Street.

3. Cross diagonally into and along a lane to its junction with Marsh Lane.

4. Cross into Soutergate passing St Mary’s Church and the Beck to Beckhill.

5. Bear to the left of the famous imposing Saxon Church of St Peter.

6. Go up some steps along a surfaced path with the medieval Tyrwhitt Hall on the left and the church on the right.

7. Turn left at a corner through an archway along a surfaced path turning right along Green Lane.

8. At the junction with Barrow Road turn right and cross the road.

9. Turn left into Whitecross Street going slightly uphill to a road junction.

10. Cross this junction and enter the gateway into Baysgarth Park, proceed past the museum along a surfaced path around to the left.

11. Leave the park through a gate, turning right uphill and right again up Eastfield Road.

12. Soon after another gate into Baysgarth Park, turn right at a finger post along a grass headland path downhill and then slightly uphill to Brigg Road.

13. Turn right downhill, ignoring side roads to the junction with Holydyke nearly opposite the George Hotel.

14. Cross Holydyke and go down George Street and King Street.

15. Turn left along High Street.

16. At the mini roundabout with Fleetgate, turn right, crossing Newport Street rejoining the outward route to the car park.    


Other than between points 12 and 13, the route is along surfaced paths and pavements.

As a town walk, there are road crossings to negotiate, the busiest at point eight and 14. the route basically rises from point nine to point 12.

A grass field headland path descends into a valley and rises again to Brigg Road. The route then descends steadily to point 14 when it levels out again.    


Allow at least one and a half hours. There is a lot to see.


Several pubs do pub lunches. Cafés and takeaway options are passed en route. Both the Waters' Edge Visitor Centre and Proudfoots Supermarket have cafés.   


Waters' Edge Visitors Centre, Proudfoots Supermarket, Humber Bridge viewing area car park on Waterside.    


OS Explorer Sheet 281 Ancholme Valley.

You can also download a PDF version of the route below: