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Local Access Forum

North Lincolnshire Local Access Forum

Councils have a duty to set up Local Access Forums. The aim of the forum is to advise on the improvement of public access for open-air leisure and the enjoyment of the area.

The forum consists of 17 members, including local councillors, network users, landowners, and other interested parties.

We must consider the forum's views when making certain decisions such as draft maps, long-term closures, access, and improvement plans.

Local Access Forum agendas and minutes.

Members of the Local Access Forum:    

  • Richard Alderson (Chair)
  • Frances Ross (Vice Chair)
  • Cllr Mashook Ali
  • Cllr Margaret Armiger
  • Hazel Armstrong
  • Steve Ball
  • Kian Borg-Jackson
  • Pam Cook
  • Ralph Day
  • David Dransfield
  • Lorna Fillingham
  • Nick Harland
  • Jean Ingall
  • Cllr Ralph Ogg
  • Dennis Oliver
  • Peter McKenzie-Brown
  • Cllr Helen Rowson
  • Mark Summers

Future Local Access Forum meetings: 

  • Thursday 6 April 2017 (site visit)
  • Wednesday 5 July 2017
  • Thursday 5 October 2017

Applications are invited from persons interested in serving on the forum. If you are interested, please contact Democratic Services, Civic Centre, Ashby Road or contact a member of the public rights of way team.

Contact details

For more details, please contact public rights of way

01724 297000

Last updated: 16/02/2017