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Pest Control Information

Pest control information

We aim to ensure that, as far as possible, North Lincolnshire is free from pests of public health significance. We do this by providing a pest control service at a reasonable cost to the occupiers of domestic and commercial premises.

We can:

  • undertake pest control treatments for rodents and some nuisance insects, of public health significance, for a reasonable charge, in domestic and commercial premises
  • give free advice and information on pests in domestic situations only, such as how to control pests and pest prevention
  • enforce legislation to ensure pests are controlled
  • monitor sightings of rats in the public domain where treatment may not be suitable
  • provide free pest identification in domestic situations. To qualify for this service, the pest must be delivered to us at Church Square House in Scunthorpe. Please email environmental.health@northlincs.gov.uk to make an appointment.

We can provide treatment for the following pests:

  • rats (we can treat for infestations of rats on your premises but will not attend to sightings of rats)
  • mice 
  • wasps
  • ants 
  • fleas

For help identifying whether your pest is a bee or a wasp, visit The Bumblebee Conservation Trust's identification page.

When treatment is required, we will do our best to contact you to arrange a visit within two working days.

In your garden:

Look out for signs of infestation, which include:

  • multiple sightings of rats over short period of time
  • nests or burrows.  These will be easily identifiable as holes in the ground or inside ‘harbourage’ such as piles of logs or waste. 
  • runs and smears. As rats tend to follow the same routes when travelling, look for clear depressions in grass or dark coloured smears.

If you cannot see any of the above signs of infestation and you have only experienced one sighting of a rat, we are not able to provide treatment.

In the public domain:

We welcome insight into rat sightings in the public domain. We regularly monitor sighting information and will act on multiple sightings in the same location by considering it for other types of treatment, such as sewer baiting.

Please note: We are unable to respond to calls regarding rat sightings, either on your property or in the public domain. We will only respond if you request treatment.

We do not treat for bees, whose numbers have declined over recent years. You can find more information about bees on the website of the British Bee Keepers Association or The Bumblebee Conservation Trust .

We do not treat for flies, rabbits, squirrels, moles, pigeons and bed bugs.

The charges for 2016-17 are: 


 One off treatments

People not in receipt of benefit

People in receipt of benefit

(see note 1)

Domestic rodent 'rats and mice only' (see note 2)  £43  £22
Domestic rats 'inside' (see note 3)  Free  Free
Domestic pests 'other'*  £51  £26
Commercial pests**  £59 per visit  N/A

The above prices include VAT.

*Domestic pests 'other' includes: mice, wasps, ants and fleas.

**Commercial pests includes: rats, mice, wasps, ants and fleas.

Note 1:

People on Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance (income based only), ESA (income based only) and Pension Credit (guaranteed).

Note 2:

Infestation must be within a dwelling, garage or outbuilding.

Note 3:

Only applies to domestic situations for the removal of a rat, which is literally running around inside a domestic habitable room. We will also give advice. This does not include any treatment for an infestation and excludes commercial premises which are chargeable.

We can provide drain surveys at the following charges:  

 Survey service  Per hour  Per day
 CCTV domestic drain surveys  £122  £610
 CCTV commercial drain or sewer survey  £122  £732

Please email us environmental.health@northlincs.gov.uk for more information about any of the above services.

You can use our online form to 

Request pest control.

Pest control rat

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