North Lincolnshire Council

Statutory nuisance, waste and problems with gardens

We want to make sure North Lincolnshire is a safe, green and clean place to live. Sometimes the actions of other residents can affect your enjoyment of your property or neighbourhood. Whether you are affected by waste in your neighbour’s garden or smoke nuisance, we can help.

Once we receive your complaint, we aim to contact you within two working days: either by telephone, email or letter.

If we find that we need to take action against your neighbour or the person you are complaining about, we have various options available to us.

These options include:

  • Abatement Notices (for statutory nuisance)
  • Community Protection Notices (for issues which are not defined as statutory nuisance)
  • Informal action

If the problem cannot be dealt with as a statutory nuisance, we may be able to serve a Community Protection Notice.

Community Protection Notices are issued in accordance with the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. Notices will always be preceded by a formal written warning (a Community Protection Warning). These usually give the person they are served on a fixed period of time to do something – for example, make improvements to a garden.

Breaches of Community Protection Notices can be dealt with via Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) and/or prosecution.

If you live in a property owned by Ongo Homes, or the neighbour causing a nuisance lives in an Ongo property, you must report your concerns to them first. If further action is needed, the Housing Officer will refer the complaint to us for action.

To make a complaint, you can either visit the Ongo website or call Ongo on 01724 297700.

To report a problem garden or property, please email us on You will need to attach a photograph of the issue you are complaining about along with the address it relates to.

For example, if you want to complain about waste or dog faeces in your neighbour’s garden, please email us on and include:

  • A photograph of the garden and the issue
  • The address of where the problem is
  • How it affects you

If you want to report noise nuisance, please visit our Noise Nuisance page.