North Lincolnshire Council

Alcohol and substance misuse

North Lincolnshire Council has commissioned Addaction, in partnership with Agencia, to lead the delivery of the substance misuse treatment and harm reduction services for adults in North Lincolnshire using a Single Organisational Model that focuses on:

  •  Improved health and wellbeing outcomes and reduction of health inequality
  • Supporting the reduction of offending and reoffending through reducing drug-related crime
  • Improving the health of the individual and reducing the health risks to the community
  • Reducing drug and alcohol related harm within individuals, families and communities through
    delivering interventions that address substance misuse
  • Enabling individuals to exit treatment in a successful and planned way


Addaction’s service model has the following features at its heart:

  • Provision of effective tailored personalised care – supporting people to recover is central to our work.
  • Embracing recovery, enabling individuals to realise their true potential; encouraging a culture of
    change, hope and optimism.
  • Supporting people to recover, to make positive and long lasting contributions to their communities, to
    reconnect with family members and be confident to celebrate their successes.
  • Delivering our services in community settings, breaking down barriers to make accessing services
    easier and making recovery possible and visible in local communities