North Lincolnshire Council

Ashby Children’s Centre

Ashby Children’s Centre is situated in a large building (also occupied by two GP surgeries and other health services) on Collum Lane, Ashby (behind Ashby Market). When you enter the building the Children’s Centre is on your right. The nearest council car park is to the front of the building. There is a bus stop on Ashby High Street at the market place.

Activities are inclusive to all children, including those who have a disability or additional needs. They are free of charge. We also have an on-site nursery at Ashby Children’s Centre which is open from 8am to 6pm.

Register with our Children’s Centres

Register with our Children’s Centres for a wide range of services for all families. These include support for baby and toddler healthy development and numerous play and learning activities. We also provide information, help and support for parents, so don’t be afraid to ask if you have a problem and need someone to talk to. All services are free and are open to all families with children of any age.

Please help us improve our services for you and your children by letting us know about your experiences at the Children’s Centre by filling out our Children’s Centres survey.