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Fostering in North Lincolnshire

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Fostering and adoption information drop-in sessions

Are you interested in fostering or adoption? We are holding a number of information drop-in sessions throughout 2017. It is a great opportunity to find out about fostering and adoption.

All sessions will be held at the Learning Development Centre, Enderby Road, Scunthorpe between 5.30pm and 8pm on the following dates:    

  • Tuesday 4 July 2017
  • Tuesday 15 August 2017
  • Tuesday 26 September 2017
  • Tuesday 7 November 2017  

 An outstanding place to foster 

Taking the time to look into fostering is a first step towards a rewarding challenge for some people. Thank you for making that first step to help make a difference to a child's life.

Fostering involves looking after children or young people in your own home while their own family is unable to do so. Some children may return to their birth families or other family members. Some may move on to a permanent home through adoption. Others  may remain in foster care until they are ready to live independently.

People interested in becoming foster carers will be treated fairly, without prejudice and with respect at all times. Prospective foster carers are considered in terms of their capacity to look after children in a safe and responsible way that meets the child’s development needs.

There are several different types of fostering:     

We believe that family care is the best provision of alternative care for most children or young people who become looked after. We recognise the crucial role foster carers have in making a difference to a child's life.

See what our foster carers have to say about fostering in North Lincolnshire.

If you would like further information or want to discuss any issue or questions you have please contact us. We will be happy to help.


Contact details

01724 297024

Fostering Services Team
Church Square House
30-40 High Street
DN15 6NL

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

Last updated: 23/06/2017
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