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Fitness Classes Information

Fitness Classes Information

What type of fitness classes are available?

As a quick guide the following types of session are available:

Please note that some of our sessions are only available at specific leisure centres

  • Abs blast: A range of exercises that target the abdominals
  • Active circuits: Circuit style class for GP referral customers
  • Aerobics: Low and high impact aerobic moves to boost fitness and tone the body
  • Aquafit: Low impact aerobic and conditioning class in the water
  • AquaVibe: Make a splash in this fun dance-aerobic workout in the pool
  • Body attack: A high-energy interval training class combining athletic movements and strengthening exercises
  • Body balance: A gentle combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi moves
  • Body combat: This fiercely energetic program is inspired by mixed martial arts
  • Body jam: An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as on breaking a sweat
  • Body pump: Challenge all your muscles using the best weight exercises in simple routines, to great music. You chose the weight you put on the barbell so you get the results you want and fast!
  • Body Pump Technique Clinic: 15 minute clinic to demonstrate correct lifting techniques    
  • Bootcamp: Functional exercises and drills to challenge you and get results
  • BootyBlast: Exercises to blast fat and shape the legs and bum
  • Boxercise: Boxing based cardio class that is fun and challenging work out
  • Combat: High energy cardio class using punching and kicking combat moves.
  • Circuits: A great workout for all-round fitness and total body conditioning
  • Fitness pilates: Low impact stretching and core strengthening exercises
  • Group cycling: Our indoor cycling classes will push your fitness to the next level. You must bring a water bottle and a small towel for hygiene reasons   
  • GroupX fit: Challenging functional training class using a wide range of equipment     
  • HIIT cardio: High intensity interval training with tough cardio challenges
  • HIIT core: High intensity interval training with moves that burn fat and tone the core
  • HIIT strength: High intensity interval training to build muscles
  • Hula hoop fitness: Hula hoop fitness burns calories, works the core and is great fun
  • Kettlebell: Dynamic weight training class that develops strength and endurance
  • LBT: Focus on those stubborn areas in our popular Legs, Bums and Tums workouts
  • Lunchtime blast: Quick but effective workout including strength and cardio to fit in your lunch break
  • Pilates: Improve your core, flexibility, strength and muscle tone in the popular Pilates class
  • Pump: All over conditioning workout using a barbell
  • Spartan: The ultimate intense warrior workout for ultimate fitness
  • Stability ball: Strength and conditioning workout focusing on the core
  • Stretch & tone: All over body conditioning workout combining a variety of exercises
  • Tai Chi: Meditation in motion. Promotes serenity through gentle flowing movements
  • TRX: The newest fitness trend on the market. Suspension bodyweight training for all fitness levels
  • VibeGlowbics: Aerobics moves to great music using dimmed lights and glow sticks to create a club atmosphere.
  • VibeGold: Low impact, gentle aerobic and conditioning exercises    
  • VibeRhythm: The latest amazing dance-aerobic class. Feel the rhythm!    
  • VibeSculpt: All over body conditioning to blast fat and tone the body
  • VibeSpin: Group cycling class suitable for all levels
  • VibeStep: Modern step aerobics for fat burning and body conditioning
  • Yoga: Relax the mind whilst strengthening and stretching the body
  • Yogalates: Exciting fusion of Yoga and Pilates moves to benefit the mind and body
Last updated: 14/03/2016