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Repatriation of a deceased body abroad

Some countries require an official document before they will let a body into the country for burial. The document is called a cadaver certificate. It confirms that no epidemic or infectious disease had occurred in the area for three months before the death.

How do I apply for cadaver certificate?

Obtaining a cadaver certificate is usually handled by the undertaker making the arrangements. This is done on behalf of the relatives. However, anyone can apply for the certificate.

The funeral director will help with anything requested by the coroner. They will also help with the requirements of the authorities in the overseas country where the deceased is going. Some of these requirements may also apply for burial in another part of the UK.

The certificate is issued by the Environmental Health officer from the local council in the area where the person died. This officer will also issue the certificate if the deceased is to be exhumed for reburial elsewhere.

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